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T. D. Baker's math program focuses on using math to confidently solve problems and communicate and reason mathematically.  T. D. Baker continually achieves higher than the province on the Grade 9 Achievement Exam for students meeting the acceptable standard, as well as the standard of excellence.  Several factors have contributed to this success, including enriched programming.  Our teachers specialize in teaching mathematics and set high, yet realistic, expectations to help students develop into critical thinkers and problem solvers.


The T. D. Baker Science program provides opportunities for students to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes that they need to explore interests and prepare for further education and careers.  Scientific literacy is promoted through diverse learning experiences which encourage students at all grade levels to develop a critical sense of wonder and curiosity about scientific and technological endeavours.  The goal of our science program is to equip students with the knowledgeable foundation needed to solve problems and make decisions, and at the same time help them become lifelong learners.

Social Studies

Social Studies is the study of people in relation to each other and to their world.  It is an issues focused and inquiry-based interdisciplinary subject that draws upon history, geography, ecology, economic, law, philosophy, political science and other social science disciplines.

Social studies fosters students' understanding of and involvement in practical and ethical issues that face their communities and humankind.  Social studies is integral to the process of enabling students to develop an understanding of who they are, what they want to become and the society in which they want to live.

Social studies develops the key values and attitudes, knowledge and understanding, and skills and processes necessary for students to become active and responsible citizens, engages in the democratic process and aware of their capacity to effect change in their communities, society and world.

Language Arts

The main goal in English Language Arts is to build students' confidence and competency when using language in multiple situations. 

Students are given varied opportunities to listen and speak, read and write and view and represent in many different contexts.

At T. D. Baker, students at each grade level have access to technology to complete their written assignments.  Using technology in this way improves student work as it is easier to edit and revise, and they are able to enhance their ideas.

Independent reading time is provided and encouraged as well.  Students need time to read in order to create a habit of reading which increases their engagement with text and their stamina to power through more difficult texts.

Many different interventions are offered to our students to encourage the development of lifelong reading and writing skills.

Physical Education

The aim of the Alberta Physical Education program is to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.  Physical education contributes to the development of life skills to manage health, life challenges, and teamwork.  Students will participate in outdoor, individual and team activities, dance and games.