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Student Services

The continued health and welfare of the students attending T. D. Baker is a top concern for all staff.  

As well, we believe that assisting grade 7 students to smoothly transition into their junior high years, as well as equipping the grade 9 student's transition into high school is an important part of what we do.

T.D. Baker has a variety of services available to assist students with concerns of both an academic and non-academic nature.

T. D. Baker School has access to an Aboriginal Liaison and mental health supports.

Boys & Girls Club - mentoring and virtual academic support.

YMCA - mental health focus group.

Other support groups in the school evolve each year based upon supervisor and student skills and interests.  Past support groups include: homework clubs, work out groups, drop in sports, girl power groups, Boys Club, antibullying groups, youth conferences, breakfast and nutrition promotions, and more.