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Located in Southeast Mill Woods, south of 23rd Avenue and East of 50th street, T. D. Baker has been at the heart of this community for nearly 30 years.

Centered within Southwood Community League, T. D. Baker has 3 nearby elementary schools: Crawford Plains, Daly Grove, and Pollard Meadows.  These schools are our "feeders, " and in the normal course of events, students attending these schools will move on to T. D. Baker.

In turn, students who attend T.D. Baker and live within our boundary area will be directed to W. P. Wagner High School.

T. D. Baker, W. P. Wagner and the local elementary schools are part of the same "Catchment Area," and have common Professional Development (PD) days, to ensure curricular alignment and a smooth progression through school from Kindergarten through grade 12 for all students.