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Academic Challenge 

 We are currently accepting applications to enter the AC program for 2017-18.



Our Academic Challenge program is an opportunity for high achieving students to learn material at an accelerated pace.  As Well, students have a variety of enrichment activities such as learning units independently, coordinating leadership activities within the school, cross-curricular projects and working on citizenship within the community.

So far this year in the 2015-2016, our Academic Challenge students have been coordinating the fantastic French Carnaval!  Student leaders have also helped to lead our Remembrance Day Assembly.  Many of our students have been helping to mentor younger students each week at Daly Grove, Pollard Meadows and Crawford Plains.  In science, students have started their own independent learning unit.  In math, students have been working at an accelerated rate and done additional work in class and in projects.

AcademicChallengeProgramApplication 2017-18  Click to open the document. 


Please visit the District Challenge Program web page for more information.‌