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    School Supplies

    This is our School Supply list for the 2017-18 school year.  Some teachers may make specific requests that differ slightly from this list.  Minor changes might be made for the start of the new school year.

    2017-18 School Supplies List

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By choosing T. D. Baker School, you have chosen excellence through a commitment to academics, community, participation and leadership.  

T. D. Baker School embodies our District’s vision of transforming the learners of today into the leaders of tomorrow.  As well, based on Edmonton Public’s cornerstone values of Equity, Accountability, Integrity and Collaboration, T. D. Baker staff will ensure you realize your capabilities in a caring school environment through respectful relationships, partnerships and by always asking, “What’s best for kids?”   

We have a wonderful opportunity to grow together, learn and share a journey second to none.  Your educational experience will be a relevant and rigorous one based upon tradition and a commitment to not only work with you, but with your families and our partners to provide a safe, caring, healthy, diverse, inclusive and equitable learning experience that engaging.   It is a journey where you will have every opportunity to continue to achieve your full potential in an increasingly interdependent world.

This foundation is solid and is found each day, not only in our actions, but in our hallways and classrooms, symbolized by our logo and commitment to treating everyone with dignity and respect through acceptance, dedication and belonging.  T. D. Baker is school community which is truly a team, a family, where we work together as a community, as students, parents and staff.  

Enjoy your years at T. D. Baker.  Take advantage of all we have to offer, not only academically, but in the way of civic participation, clubs and athletics.  Get involved as your school is second to none and provides you a wonderful environment to grow.  Thank you for choosing T. D. Baker.

Principal's Message

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year.  T. D. Baker School is a school emphasizing excellence.  Our success has been and will continue to be achieved through the commitment, support and talent of the T. D. Baker team; that is, our staff, students, parents and community.  Together, I have no doubt our students will receive a wonderful and rewarding learning experience.

T. D. Baker School focuses on the success of each student in a collaborative environment based upon respectful relationships, parent and community partnerships, clear communication and by our staff always asking, What is best for kids?  As a professional learning community, we are committed to the following principles:  we are always focused on student learning; we always endeavor to work within a collaborative culture; and we use assessment data to guide our work. Through this work, we believe we can achieve our District’s vision for students; that is, we at T. D. Baker believe it is our responsibility to ensure all students are successful so they can become the leaders of tomorrow.

To meet this responsibility, our daily practices reflect our commitment to each student's academic and social development.  We believe in the importance of maintaining a safe learning environment where all students know we believe in them and where all students know they are cared for.  We encourage them to become involved in our school community and we walk along side our students, ensuring they are ready to accept their ever increasing responsibility for their learning, their conduct and their growth.  All staff believes it is a gift to share in this journey.

On behalf of the staff, it is my privilege to welcome you to T. D. Baker School.  We wish you a wonderful year full of challenges, joy and success.


Mr. Glen Wilcox, B. Ed., M. Ed.